Plague Notes, Unnamed, Unknown, A Finger Dragged Through Dust by My Heart, an Inverted Flame

Grey synth noise leaks out of the darkness. What are these half glimpsed things on the cover? Something in an unfriendly dimension. Eventually drums join in. They never sound like they are at the right speed. Occasionally a crescendo is reached but it fades away into the landscape again. The creeping omnipresence of the sound is all. 

It’s creeping grim horror soundtrack vibe matched a year where decay, dread, and disease dominated. This is the work of Andee Connor and Marc Kate. I don’t know Marc well but know he did live keyboards for I am Spoonbender a band lumped in with electroclash and unfairly dismissed along with it, but they did a lot for me in the early 00’s and helped me rediscover Eno and discover This Heat. Connors music history I know. Playing drums in the SF answer to Codeine/Rodan,  A Minor Forest, and then for his ordering/reviewing at Aquarius and his label Tumult. Aquarius helped bring me and others to the drone scuzz of Birchville Cat Motel, Necks, Bohren & der Club of Gore, and Tumult basically single-handedly kicked off the US Black Metal movement by releasing Dead as Dreams by Weakling. Alongside with bringing us the motorik metallic psych of Circle, the dirge powerviolence destructo of Burmese, haunted improv of Thuja, horror ambient of Noisegate, all of which resonate with this amorphous soundscape that you experienced by it overwhelming you, flowing over you in waves. Bands that pushed the borders of metal, krautrock, post rock, noise rock, ambient, and soundtrack. Take in also Andee’s recent work with Common Eider King Eider, Rob Fisk’s(Deerhoof, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, and Badgerlore) burnt blackened doom ambient ritual collective and maybe some of the more shapeless elements of Jonathan Snipe’s(clipping.) soundtrack work also seems to resonate here. That latter reference was released on one of the three labels that collaborated to release this, the Southern California iconoclasts Deathbomb Arc who have brought a varied and strange catalogue to the DIY world blurring the area between noise, punk, drone, no wave, hip hop, and electronica since the nineties. They did the tape. Aforementioned Tumult did the cd, and the wonderful Zum who brought us High Castle, Intima, and Sea Scouts and the recent terrific Body Double album brought the vinyl. 

So if any of the previous references are known to you or at least intrigue. Then this labyrinth of sound is for you. A world of ugly horror and strange beauty.


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